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Canine and equine chiropractic, Bowen Therapy, Acupoints, Equinology (TM) Massage, Muscle Release, and more,

One account, all the templates

Works on PC, Mac, tablets and phones.


No internet connection required on Apple and Android devices

The easy way to go digital, saves you time and money.

Comprehensive does not need to be complicated

1. Arrive

2. Record your Session

3. Report

4. Invoice

A Solution for every Practitioner

No matter what your therapy type, we've got you covered


cavanti equine chiropractic
Equine and small animal. Standard Listings for each adjustment.

Comprehensive massage template

Features 15 images,

3 muscle layers.

Exclusive to EEBW's and students.

Cavanti equinology

Equinology (TM)

Muscle Release

cavanti equine muscle release, myofascial release, equine bowen therapy, horse
Highlighted points for Bowen, muscle release, or myofascial release.

Myofascial release, an adjustment, some acupuncture, blue light and a little soft tissue work?

Use a combination approach? No problem, we've got you covered

dog massage, acupuncture, muscle release and chiropractic

The practitioner templates combine chiropractic, muscle release, acupoints  and massage into a single session.

Customize it completely to cover whatever modalities you practice in whatever combination you like.

Canine and Equine.

horse massage, acupuncture, muscle release and chiropractic


Change labels, add fields, alter values.

Customize the program to fit your practice.

cavanti contact page customization
cavanti horse massage, acupuncture, muscle release, bowen, myofascial, chiropractic. Template customization animal page customizations. horse, dog and other species

All your Devices. All your Computers

One Account

Storage in the Cloud means your data is always up to date. Everywhere.

Multi Practitioner: Canine and Equine


horse muscle release, bowen, myofascial release

Bowen Therapy

Equinology (TM)

cavanti equinology

Chiropractic: Canine and Equine

cavanti horse chiropractic software

Everything in One Program.

All templates are loaded into one place. Your account is automatically updated with new releases.

For free.

Practitioner: Equine and Canine

cavanti horse massage, chiropractic, muscle release, acupuncture
cavanti dog massage, chiropractic, muscle release, acupuncture
cavanti dog chiropractic software

No Hostages

Cavanti won't try and trap you, your credit card, or your data

No Contracts

Your subscription runs month to month. You can leave anytime you like, without penalty.

No Hidden Costs

Pay the same amount every month. No other fees. At all. Ever.

It's your data

Download it anytime you like. No traps or tricks, its yours after all.

Hit your monthly limit?:

Busy month? Great! No charge. Upgrade, use some slush credits, or wait it out, your choice.

cavanti mobile app home page animal practitoner software
cavanti mobile app home page animal practitoner software

No More Typing Clinic Notes

Speak them instead. Dictate your session notes straight into your device.

cavanti animal practioner software, dictate session notes
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cavanti horse massage, acupuncture, muscle lrelease, bowen, myofascial release, chiropractic .
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cavanti horse muscle release, bowen, myofascial release.
horse massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, muscle release, bowen, myofascial
cavanti equine chiropractic on phone. horse
dog massage, acupuncture, chirpractic, muscle release, biwen, myofascial.
cavanti equinology template

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