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10 Plan

Up to 10 sessions per month




25 Plan

Up to 25 sessions per month




50 Plan

Up to 50 sessions per month




100 Plan

Up to 100 sessions per month




200 Plan

Up to 200 sessions per month




350 Plan

Up to 350 sessions per month





No session limit - go wild!




Slush Fund

A fund of sessions that roll over, and over, and over. Forever.

If you have a busy month and hit your session limit, we won't punish you by making you upgrade your plan.  Your account will automatically draw from your slush fund to tide you over.

No interruption to service.

Available as an in App purchase.


Per bundle of 10 sessions

£11  €15

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my sessions roll over from month to month?

No: Your monthly session limit is just that, a limit, not an alloted number of sessions.

Yes: Slush sessions do roll over from month to month to month.

Do I have to upgrade my plan if I hit my session limit?

No: you don't have to upgrade. Once you hit your limit, you simply won't be able to sync your additional sessions until you either buy some slush, or your plan rolls over to the next month.

Are there any penalties for going over my limit?

No: There are no penalties in Cavanti. Ever. Anyway, you can't go over your limit.

Can I leave?

Can I change my plan?

Yes: You can change your plan at any time under 'My Account' in the web based App. No penalty.

Yes: Any time. And you get your data too. No penalty.

Are there any other costs.

No: You will only ever pay for two things: your monthly subscription, and slush. Nothing else.

What happens if I go on holidays?

Have a great time!

We'll mind your data while you are away, we'll continue to back it up, protect it and keep it safe. We will keep working while you have some well earned fun. But we'll need you to keep your subscription active while you do.

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