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A well thought out guide on how to establish and successfully market an equine chiropractic business. Comes with example forms, letters, emails, brochures and more that will help you navigate the increasingly difficult minefield of terminology facing animal chiropractors....and the software companies trying to serve them!


E-Book by Dr. Rick Boatright

Equine and Canine massage education provider.

Contact: (707) 884-9963

School of animal chiropractic.

Contact Robbie for details (309) 658-2920

Animal Chiropractic Education Source

Contact: (214) 802-7815

School for animal chiropractic

Contact: (800) 637-8337 or (214) 902-2429.

Association for professional animal chiropractors and certification provider.

Contact: 918-784-2231.

Chiropractic school

Contact: (563) 884-5466.

International professional association and certification provider.




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