I hear the word 'sync' a lot. What is it?

'Sync" is short for sychronization. This is the process that moves your data between your mobile devices and the cloud and back again, so that your data is up to date and the same no matter where you view it from. Your mobile App will automatically sync for you while it has had an internet connection, or you have the option of manually syncing at your convenience.


Do I need cell phone signal to use the Cavanti product?

No. Really.

While you are on the road, your device will sync data regularly while in cell phone range. If you move out of range, the App will switch to storing your data on the device until you come back into a service area. Once you come back into range, the device will sync all your data into the cloud, and any reports or invoices created to be 'sent now' while out of range will be generated and delivered.


Is my data safe?

Your data is stored in Oracle databases in state of the art data centers.  Oracle is the leading database software company in the world.  ALL your data (not just credit card information like most websites) is encrypted before it is transmitted between the your browser or mobile device and the cloud. Unlike most other websites ALL your data is also encrypted when stored.


Can anyone else see my data if it is in the cloud?


Your data is completely confidential and is protected by several levels of security.

1/  Data is stored in the cloud in a secure space that is given the highest degree of protection, including a password that you create and manage.

2/  You can set a password for the App on your mobile device so nobody can access it if you lose your device or it is stolen.

3/  Your mobile devices are recognized by your web account, so only devices you have registered with your account can sync and access your data.


What devices can I use the App on?

The mobile App comes in two flavors at the moment: Android and Apple. We are working to get it out on Windows too, stay tuned. We support:

        1/   Apple devices running iOS 11 and higher.

        2/  Google Android devices running 6.x and higher with Google Play installed. We test our apps on as many Android devices as we can.  We currently test on Samsung and Google devices. Our app may work perfectly well on other devices running Google Android, but due to the number of customized versions of Android developed by different device manufacturers (4000+) it is impossible for us to provide full support for every version and device.


What type of device should I buy?

The App will work on phones, small tablets, and full sized tablets.

However for our money, the App is a really nice on smaller tablets, our favorite is the iPad mini, and for Android users we suggest the Samsung Galaxy Tabs. Both are small enough to be carried around easily and big enough to display all the detail you need.


The web version of the App doesn't work well in my browser, what can I do?

We recommend you use the latest version of Google Chrome when viewing the web based App.

The web based App is also supported on the latest and prior version of Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari.



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